Ripple Effect Children’s Services

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Located in the west end of Toronto, Ontario, Ripple Effect Children’s Services offers counselling services and programs to support children, youth, and families to reduce psychological and emotional distress, and promote an empowered lifestyle.

“Ripple Effect Children’s Services has a great initiative: enhancing the lives of children, youth and families by providing counselling services to reduce psychological and emotional distress. This project included developing a website, creating graphic designs, and shooting photographs and video for the site. Our graphic design team worked closely with the client to ensure the logo represented Ripple Effect’s overall message. An important aspect of this project was shooting videos and photos that accurately depicted the client’s services and approach to counselling services. As the web developer, I (Kiran Bajwa) worked on guiding the client on what content works well for the site, how it should be structured, and lastly working closely with the client at each phase of the project to ensure we were moving in the right direction.” Kiran Bajwa, WP Developer

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