I was highly impressed by the VEB team led by Hanadi Alnawab. Each member of the project team that designed my website did a superior job. Irina’s web design, coding skills and recommendations were top notch. Spencer has a very creative and skillful ability both with video and photography as well as overall input into the site. And Pedro came up with such bright, eye catching logos that it was difficult to choose just one. Overall the team is extremely gifted and the contributors far surpassed my expectations. Their promptness, responsiveness and patience were exemplary. Under Hanadi’s leadership they delivered superior results. Thank you team!

Nadine Galszechy, Career Path Coaching
Thank You Hanadi and her talented team at Humber College. We are thrilled to have our new website up and in action!
It’s been in need of a make over for a long time and the process was made easy with no stress. The staff/creative team was more than helpful, accommodating, knowledgable and every step of the way creation was “hands on”.The most important detail to us is that our customers whether they are returning or new tell us that it is easy to access, navigate and detailed with all information needed to move forward!
And that it is! The amount of positive feedback we’ve received from our customers is overwhelming.
Thank you again…we are very proud!
Kim & Jasmine, Milton Youth Theatre Productions
Hello Hanadi, Let me begin by conveying heartfelt thanks for your leadership in coordinating various activities for this project.
I did not interact directly with all the students who worked on this project other than Kiran and Spencer. Having said that I saw the output of the tasks completed and must say it was quite impressive whether it was website layout or logo options or video.
Kiran and Spencer worked very diligently to complete the photo shoot in one day. They both were open to suggestions and exhibited passion to deliver the best results. They are intellectually mature individuals and I can foresee a bright future ahead of them.
Wishing all the students associated with this project best in personal and professional life.
Kalpana Pareek, Tantu Design

Since January 2016, I have had the honour and privilege of working with Hanadi Alnawab, Professor & Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce Program and
Digital Business Management (formerly e-Business Marketing).  She assembled a formidable team of enthusiastic students whom we wish to gratefully acknowledge, in the redesign of the Bezek Foundation Website. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the fantastic experience. Lara, Jeff, Christine, Shyren, and Rahim: you have done yourselves, your teachers, your school and your families proud!  Special thanks to Amanda Brown, CAPM, MSc, Research Coordinator, Communications and Partnerships Applied Research & Innovation, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, for her confidence in choosing the Bezek Foundation to be one of the five recipients of the voucher through OCE’s Voucher for e-Business and Technology Adoption (VEBTA) program.  Wishing you all every success in your future endeavours.

Rosanne Warren, Bezek Foundation